November 12, 2019

Why Counseling?

By Jayme Beal Counseling can seem daunting to some or just plain silly to others. I have heard various reasons of why people choose to not go to counseling. For example, “I should be able to figure it out by myself”, “it will be weird talking to a stranger about my life”, […]
November 4, 2019

Expressive Art Therapy

By Janet Leavell Jergins, LPC, LMFT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor “I make art when I can’t gather the words to say.”  Nikki Rowe Expressive Arts Therapy helps the unconscious mind communicate with the conscious mind.  Spending time in a non-verbal art exercise with a therapist is one means of allowing a wounded self […]
October 4, 2019

5 Reasons Why Failure is a Gift

By: Michelle Overman LMFT Everybody loves a winner. This expression is truer now than ever. Social media drives us to present ourselves as winners by burying our mistakes and refusing to acknowledge they ever happened. This message is driven home by the cautionary tales of those who fell short. For example, consider: […]
September 4, 2019

What’s so terrible about being 2?

By: Patrick C. Heard  MA LPC LMFT I recently noticed an increase in very young children coming in for counseling. I thought seeing a three-year-old child and his or her parent was a good outside limit, but I never expected to see two-year olds and their parents in my counseling office. I […]
August 16, 2019

Family Rituals

By: Jayme Beal “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” -Mother Theresa When I meet with families in counseling one of my first questions I ask each family member is, “What is your favorite thing about your family? or “What is your favorite thing to […]
July 5, 2019

Janet Jergins’ Interview Regarding Her Art and Therapy

Jes Dawn from Mental Health America of Abilene hosted a Facebook Live interview of Janet Jergins of Turning Point Counseling. Janet, co-founder and managing partner of Turning Point Counseling was a featured artist at the Mental Health America of Abilene’s Art Gala that was held June 21, 2019 at The Mill. Janet […]