By Patrick Heard

There is panic and fear in America not felt since 9/11/2001.  People are stockpiling food, water, basic necessities not to mention the myriad of disinfectant products, hand sanitation wipes, and sprays. Our country has never been invaded by land after the Revolutionary War.  Our prosperity and our standard of living along with our health system has generally insulated us from the terrors of war, disease, and famine.  These things happen in other countries but not in the United States of America.

People are dying all over the world of the Corona Virus COVID-19.  This is a disease that currently has no cure. There are infected individuals in 47 states and most countries of the world! It is a pandemic!  This frightening too many.  To families of infected members, these persons are not mere statistics but loved ones that they know and love personally.

Counseling often involves intersecting the lives of people who feel just as hopeless to prevent the encroachment of pain and loss and damage to one or more relationships.  Certainly, it is comforting for those grieving and overwhelmed by their upside-down lives to know that someone is willing to walk with them and demonstrate interest and caring in what they are experiencing.  The most difficult challenges in life are better endured through the company of supportive people.  This gives hope.

You don’t have to be a counselor to show support, to lend a hand, and walk along side someone else.  Though the guidelines for protection against the COVID-19 Virus suggest isolation and segregation, we have at our disposal numerous ways to communicate solidarity with others even if they are in quarantined quarters. Pick up your phone and call or text and offer help. Share groceries, don’t hoard! Help with tasks they be unable to perform.  This encouragement will be appreciated.

Everyone needs someone in his or her life that is utterly dependable, always present, always loving, and caring. There is a person who unselfishly entered our infected world and decided before creation to give everything he had to rescue all of us from a hopeless destiny.  His sacrifice in death gives life. That person gives me peace in desperate times.  He is the model for showing kindness and love to others.  In ancient days he was referred to as “Messiah” or Savior! He is our hope in desperate times!