Spirituality is a Simple Way of Living

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June 2, 2015
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Spirituality is a Simple Way of Living

by Turning Point Counseling

A spiritual person is also in touch with his or her own reality, feelings and thoughts, and the reality of the people around him or her, not projecting on them.
Keith Miller

Those in recovery from addictions applying the Twelve Step program are accustomed to hearing that it is a “Spiritual Program.” Yet, Twelve Step program are differentiated from religion. The question of the meaning of spiritual versus religious may arise.

Spirituality can be seen as being concerned with our ability, through our attitudes and actions, to relate to others, to ourselves, and to our God. Everyone, either struggling with addiction or not has a way of relating to our lives, other people, and God which tends to either be positive, healthy, fulfilling and life giving, or tends toward the negative, self-defeating, and destructive. The question to ask ourselves is whether we are moving in the direction of a negative or positive spirituality.

Spirituality is a well-ordered way of living. It can be seen in four basic movements for people to put into place in their lives on a spiritual basis. The first of these is a movement from fear to trust; the second, from self-pity to gratitude; the third, from resentment to acceptance; and the fourth, from dishonesty to honesty.

We have many choices in life. We can drink or not drink, live or die, be happy or cry, be honest or lie. The point is to realize the choice is ours at all times. We choose to live with the consequences of our actions. There is no other way to live life.

What will it take in our lives to finally make the positive choice? What will it take for that moment of clarity to come? What will give us the discipline necessary to make healthy changes? Make an effort one day at a time to incorporate these four movements into your life and begin experiencing spirituality as a simple way of living.