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November 4, 2019
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Why Counseling?

By Jayme Beal

Counseling can seem daunting to some or just plain silly to others. I have heard various reasons of why people choose to not go to counseling. For example, “I should be able to figure it out by myself”, “it will be weird talking to a stranger about my life”, or “it’s just not for me”. The list goes on and on.

What keeps people from coming to counseling? 
I write this article today to encourage your thoughts about therapy.

The truth is, change can be scary, even if it is good change. Maybe it’s the fear of talking about our problems because saying them out loud makes them more real, then once they are real, what are we going to do about them?

Invest in Yourself
Honestly, therapy is an investment in yourself, your wellbeing. If someone kept getting sick to their stomach or having chest pains, we immediately would encourage them to go to the doctor.  I have never heard a response of someone not going to the doctor when they are sick because, they “should be able to figure it out” or “It will be weird to talk to a stranger.”

Therapy is effective.
Sure, there may be times you can get better on your own, but we are not immune to life and wanting to feel better is okay.

Therapy is not just for those with severe mental illness.

Therapy isn’t always long term. There are times people only need a few sessions. The purpose of therapy is to help you feel better whatever that looks like for you.

Therapists are not strangers; they are trained professionals.
Therapists live in the everyday world and face the same life problems. That’s what makes it comforting, we have feelings just like you.

When people join a gym or get a personal trainer because they want to better themselves, they normally get a positive response from their family and friends. I encourage this to be the same for counseling. After all it is an opportunity to better yourself, to get stronger mentally and emotionally. Therapists provide tools and insights to help accomplish and overcome what is keeping us stuck or hurt.

Find a therapist that suits you.
If you have given counseling a chance but had a negative experience with a therapist, find another therapist. Again, if we had a doctor who we did not like we wouldn’t stop going to the doctor altogether, we would find a new one, one that better suits us.